St. Francis of Assisi Assembly #2136


Welcome to the Knights of Columbus 4th Degree Assembly 2136 St. Francis of Assisi webpage.
We serve 4th degree knights from Farmington, Farmington Hills, Novi,  and Southfield.
We meet at Our Lady of Sorrows Parish 23815 Power Road, Farmington, MI on the second Wednesday of every month.


From the navigator


Worthy Sir Knights, Brother Knights and all Catholic Gentlemen:

Vivat Jesus!

I am honored to serve as Faithful Navigator of St. Francis of Assisi # 2136 Assembly.  On behalf of all by fellow officers, I would like to bid you WELCOME to our Assembly!  We are in our 31st year of living a life of service to our Church, our Country, and our Brother Knights. While full knighthood is achieved at the 3rd degree, your knighthood comes to its fullfillment in the 4th degree! Knighthood in the 4th (Patiotic) degree calls each of us to a higher level of committment, and the brothers of St. Francis Assembly strive each day to live up to that challenge!




To my brother Sir Knights,  I invite you to review this site frequently for updates and to take part in our Assembly, it's activities, and it's mission. 

To my brother 1st, 2nd, or 3rd degree Knights, I invite you to review the many benefits of being a 4th degree member and join us!  More information on joining the Patriotic degree can be found below.

To any man who is interested in joining the Knights of Columbus,  I invite you to contact your local  council and join.  When you are ready to take your knighthood to its fulfillment, contact us to do so! 

Vivat Jesus! 

Bill McKeever FDD, PGK

Faithful Navigator


Why Join?


Religiously Devoted, Patriotically Proud

For most men who follow Jesus, there comes a time when duty extends beyond our own lives, beyond how we

lead our families, and into how we serve our fellow man. That's what the Knights of Columbus is all about.

The Patriotic Degree allows K of C members to take this one step further.

"Sir Knight" is more than a title — it’s an honor.


Standing Firm in Support of the Order

Knights of the Patriotic Degree are dedicated to the personal development and continued honor of brother Knights. We are always there to offer leadership, guidance, and encouragement.

Proudly Serving the Country

Knights of the Patriotic Degree glorify God by serving our communities and nations as though Christ were the one being served.

Unwavering Support of the Faith

Knights of the Patriotic Degree hold unwaveringly to what is right and honorable, working to keep God in the civic arena, serving the life of the Church, and defending laws that recognize the sanctity of life and true religious liberty.

Honoring the Legacy of Knighthood

The Honor Guard is an elective division of the Patriotic Degree that presents a visible reminder of our service to the community.


Benefits of 4th Degree Membership

Opportunities to meet/work with brother Sir Knights from many different Councils.

The opportunity to proudly show your devotion to God and Country through joining the Honor Guard.

Opportunities to be of service to our Active Military, Veterans, and First Responders.

Building up your faith through mentorship and faith based discussions.

Learning about our proud Catholic tradition in the United States and those men and women who's faith influenced our Nation.

Upon death, 4th degree members are accorded:

Casket watch - Assembly members stand with our fallen brother.

Chalice presentation - Assembly members will have a chalice donated in their name to a priest or religious order of their choosing.


How to Join?


Qualifications for Membership are:

You must be a 3rd Degree member of the Knights of Columbus.

You must be in good standing with your Council.

For more information on how to join, please contact:                             

or fill out the form below.

Contact us

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4th degree knights participate in and support patriotic organizations and efforts, especially those supporting the military and veterans. Additionally, the Honor Guard  tends to be the face of the Knights of Columbus, participating in parades, church events and other community events.

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